Branding Page
Shop Name

Your shop name is the name that is displayed on your seller page on Yume Co.'s e-commerce marketplace. You can change it at the top of your "Branding" page! We recommend using a name that your existing followers/customers already associate with you.

Display Image

Your display image is the image that will be showcased on your seller page on Yume Co's e-commerce platform. A file requirement of 320px x 320px in JPEG format is required to upload your image.

Inner Tag

One of the features you unlock when you subscribe to any of our paid subscription plans (Basic or Advanced) is the Inner Tag feature! With this feature, you can add your logos to the inner tag of your products for that added branding.

You can also download the inner tag template here.

To watch a quick tutorial on the Do's and Don'ts of customizing your inner tag, click here:

Banner Image

Banner Image is the image that will be displayed at the top of your seller page on the Yume Co. marketplace. It's a great way to personalise your page and get your branding across to potential customers!

A file requirement of 1566px x 392px in JPEG format is required to upload your Banner Image.

Holiday Mode

You can temporarily hide your seller page on Yume Co.'s e-commerce marketplace by turning "Holiday Mode On". This means that both your seller page and the products/designs you have uploaded will not appear to any customers browsing our ecommerce platform. However, you will still be able to purchase samples or dropship products from the "Sample/Dropship" page.

To unhide your seller page, click the Holiday Mode button and ensure that it says "Holiday Mode Off".

Seller Page Links

Yume Co. strongly believes in sharing and uplifting the Southeast Asian art community. This is why we have added the Seller Page Links feature, where you can add links to your various social media/websites/projects to showcase on your seller page!

To add a link, copy the URL from the desired website you'd like to showcase and paste it into the appropriate form box!

Previewing Your Seller Page

After making changes to your Branding Page, you can use the "Preview Seller Page" function (located at the top right of the Branding Page) to get a preview of how your seller page will look on Yume Co.'s platform!

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