How to dropship?
Types of dropshipping

Yume Co. does not take any commissions/fees on your dropshipping sales, you only pay for the total cost of manufacturing, logistics and payment processing. All the profits you make completely belong to you!

Depending on your time commitment and personal goals, Yume Co. offers 2 types of dropshipping. The main difference is whether or not you are utilizing Yume Co. to handle your last-mile delivery which may affect your profitability. Regardless of which method you choose, we recommend that you factor in the logistics & payment processing cost when you are pricing your products.

We will explain in-depth below.

End to end service provider

We recommend this method if you do not have a lot of time and are only selling products that Yume Co. has. When you receive an order, you can make the individual dropshipping order directly on your seller portal.

We will manufacture & ship your drop-shipping orders directly to your respective customers all over the world. You do not need to re-package, handle inventory or manage logistics. However, you will need to pay payment processing for each drop-ship order which lowers your overall profitability.

Delivering to yourself first

This method works best if you also sell other products that Yume Co. does not have. (For example, if you have a separate online store) You can consolidate your purchase orders before you make a bulk drop-ship order on your seller portal.

We will manufacture & ship your bulk dropshipping order directly to your address of choice. From there, you can re-package if necessary before arranging for shipping yourself. This method saves you some of the payment processing cost but is more time-consuming.

Product Packaging

Every product that you sample or dropship through us will come in its own packaging. The packaging is an eco-friendly frosted zip bag and does not have any logos from Yume Co. so your customers do not know that you use us as your print-on-demand provider.

This gives you the option of either re-packaging orders with your own branded packaging or simply reusing our packaging to save time and money.

Custom duties & import tax

Regardless of which method of drop-shipping you choose, Yume Co. does not collect taxes or duties at checkout and therefore, you or your customers will be responsible for paying such charges if required to clear customs at your/your customer’s destination country. Yume Co. will not be held responsible for any delays caused by destination custom clearance processes.

In the event that no one pays for the customs duties & import tax, the logistics provider working with Yume Co. would be instructed to throw away the product. You will not be refunded for the total cost that you have paid for that particular order.

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