Community & Content Guidelines

Yume Co. is a respectful & supportive community that is deeply passionate about helping sellers sell their designs and express their creativity. We welcome sellers of all experience levels and different backgrounds. If you see or find behaviour and/or content that goes against our community guidelines, please flag it through one of the reporting functions on our site or contact us immediately. More importantly, we want to build a strong community together with you!


The following paragraphs summarize Yume Co.’s approach towards behaviour and content. These fine print & guidelines have been made public in the spirit of openness & transparency however it should be noted that they are adaptable and will change over time. Depending on the severity, any breaches of Yume Co.’s fine print or guidelines can result in a formal written warning, account suspension, bank account freezes, and account closures. Yume Co. has internal policies & procedures in place to ensure that these fine print & guidelines are applied consistently and in a fair manner towards sellers & consumers. In applying these fine print & guidelines, Yume Co. reserves the right to remove & suspend any design work or close accounts at our sole discretion.

Mature & Explicit Content

Mature & Explicit content refers to designs that contain content that can be considered not suitable for viewing by some audiences/consumers, such as nudity, blood, guns, alcohol, drugs, violence, adult language, religion, and other similar themes. Sellers should indicate their designs that are mature content as part of the upload process, however, this can also be done at any time by directly informing us through our communication channels provided. By not indicating your designs as mature/explicit content may result in account restrictions, account suspensions, account freezes, or closures.


Sellers who are part of the Yume Co. community can self-promote via their social media accounts but should refrain from uninvited self-promotion. For example, sellers should not self-promote in comments under another seller's work.

Adult Language

The usage of malicious or hurtful language at another seller is not permitted, and it is considered a personal attack. Swearing & adult language in a more general context is acceptable. However, Yume Co. reserves the right to remove any swearing, adult language, malicious or hurtful language at the discretion of Yume Co.

Nudity & Pornography

The following material is not allowed on Yume Co.:

(1) Sexual material: Explicit and gratuitous foreplay. Displays of sexual intercourse depicting genitalia in direct contact including, but not limited to, male-to-male, female-to-female, male-to-female. Male or female masturbation where genitalia is depicted. Semen and vaginal fluids. Urine when considered in a sexual context. “Sex Toys" in use with genitalia or in any sexual context is not permitted.

(2) Genitalia from both genders is deemed to be gratuitous – the definition of gratuitous: “unnecessary or unwarranted”.

(3) Nude or “sexualized” children: Yume Co. has a conservative approach to images that contain children. Children should be appropriately clothed. As a general rule, “appropriately clothed” means no genitalia, no uncovered bottoms, and, for pubescent girls, no bare chests. We define a child as anyone under the age of 18. In images of babies or infants, some nudity is acceptable, but we request that the genitalia to be covered.

(4) General titillation: images constructed with the primary purpose of sexually exciting the viewer and where no attempt at an artistic statement is to be made.

Under any of these conditions, Yume Co. reserves the right to issue a formal warning to the seller and have the images or designs to be removed.

Designs on Children’s Clothing

We take a conservative approach to designs made available on children's clothing. The designs should be suitable for children of all ages and without undesirable associations or connotations such as sexual, violent suggestions, demeaning, derogative, political, or mature/explicit content. Humorous slogans need to be tested against a broad range of views as they can cause unforeseen and unintended offences. Gender-specific slogans/content also need careful considerations.

Violence & Hatred

Works that glorifies or trivializes violence are not permitted. This includes graphic depictions of violence or designs that trivialize violent acts where the designs may incite hatred or violence. Designs that deal with catastrophic events such as genocides or holocausts need to be sensitively handled. Designs that have the potential in causing the victims to be in serious distress may be removed but this is subjected to Yume Co.’s discretion.


Yume Co. takes a conservative approach towards racism. Racist content or behaviour & designs that incite racism is not permitted. We define racism as either the hatred or intolerance of another race or discrimination or antagonism directed against someone of a different or same race.

Racist terms: designs or artistic expressions in a casual or derogatory way are not permitted. Yume Co. reserves the right to have the sole discretion to remove any designs deemed racially inappropriate.

Use of symbols: Symbols and iconography that carry strong messages etc. Swastika, Crosses, Quran. These symbols and iconography can be used in designs/content but only with considerable care. Design/content may be removed if the intent is ambiguous or needlessly provocative. Additionally, if the design & content appears deliberately designed to contravene anti-vilification, anti-racist, or hate guidelines.

Country Specific Laws

Some countries regulate or prohibit the use of certain content, like symbols, iconography, imagery, or words. To comply with the laws in these countries, Yume Co. may remove works that contain such designs/content.

Defamation or Libel

Any designs/content or behaviour that can reasonably be considered defamatory, libellous, or vilifying is not permitted. As a general rule, designs/content which are presented as an opinion or criticism on a subject of public interests do not fall under this definition.


Yume Co. defines vilification as conduct that is intended to invoke serious contempt, revulsion, or severe ridicule of an individual or group of people because of race, religion, disability, gender identification, sexuality, or they are considered to be of a vulnerable person/group such as refugees. As a general rule, works that are presented as an opinion or criticism on a subject of public interest do not fall under this definition.

Harmful Misinformation

Harmful misinformation is not permitted. We define this as any misleading or false information that harms or significantly threatens public safety. Yume Co. reserves the right to deem information as either harmful misinformation or not. If the design/content is considered harmful misinformation, Yume Co. reserves the right to remove these designs/content.

Uninvited Criticism

Criticism should be only provided on designs/content where it has been specifically requested. For example, the seller writes in the product description to “critique of this design/content is welcomed” or “constructive criticisms are welcomed”.
Criticism includes negative comments about the quality of work or finding fault with arguments or ideas expressed by a design/content.

Personal Attacks

A personal attack is considered when a seller or consumer writes hurtful or insulting things about another seller or consumer or makes personal remarks with the intent to hurt or upset them. Personal attacks can also include comments made about a group of members and names do not need to be mentioned for the behavior to be considered as a personal attack. Importantly, provocation is not a justification for a personal attack of the other party.

If an exchange becomes heated or if one party’s behavior is not appropriate, we have open channels of communication from Yume Co. to resolve such disputes. Staff members from Yume Co. would do our best to listen and address concerns to help resolve the dispute. Staff members from Yume Co. would try to resolve the dispute in a fair & respectful manner.


Harassing behaviour includes persistent communications with the intent to disturb, torment, humiliate and bother continually after one of the parties has indicated that the other party should stop. Names do not have to be mentioned in order for the behaviour to be considered harassment. Importantly, harassment does not need to be negative behaviour to be considered unwelcomed behaviour.

Threatening Behavior

Threatening behaviour includes threatening of life, safety or the well being of another party. Such threatening behaviour would result in immediate account closure and bank freezes.

Political Information

Yume Co. takes a conservative position towards politics and respects the politics & governing laws in all the countries that Yume Co. operates in. Yume Co. would remove any designs/content with a heavy political stance that have the intention of causing political unrest. Yume Co. reserves the right to decide which design/content is considered to cause political unrest.

Copyright and other forms of IP protection

Yume Co. respects the Copyright & Trademark laws and will remove any work found to infringe Copyright or Trademark protection. If you believe that there are any copyright or trademark infringements, you can make a formal complaint through our direct communications provided by Yume Co.

Deliberate Misuse

Deliberate misuse is when a person or entity that opens an account with the primary purpose of infringing on Yume Co.’s community & content guidelines or is found to be otherwise using the account on Yume Co. for other purposes that Yume Co. was not designed for. Deliberate misuse will result in immediate account closure. If an account is found to be linked to another existing account on Yume Co., the consequences of such behaviour would result in the account closures of all accounts associated with that account. Examples of deliberate misuse include but are not limited to the following:

(1) Using Yume Co. to sell products that infringe on copyrights & trademarks of others

(2) Using Yume Co. as a platform to design products that may infringe on copyright & trademark products

(3) Using Yume Co. to distribute products that infringe on copyrights & trademarks of others

(4) Opening an account that is used to primarily harass or intimidate other sellers, disrupt discussions, or cause conflict and ill-will within the community

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